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Your help is needed to stop AAFCO from banning pet food consumers from the meeting next month.

12/5/2019  [Doug's Note: The War With AAFCO Continues!]  "In early November 2019, the Association of American Feed Control Officials (AAFCO) sent an email to numerous pet owners and pet owner advocates stating they would NOT be allowed to attend meetings. This consumer ban is unjust, and detrimental to all pet food consumers.  Read more here


Hill’s Pet Food Vitamin D was 2900% HIGHER

11/18/2019  A Warning Letter discloses that Hill’s Pet Food received a vitamin premix with 2900% higher levels of vitamin D (than what was claimed on the product label). Even though both the premix supplier and Hill’s failed to test for safety concerns, FDA only issued a warning to the ingredient supplier. FDA issued NO warning to Hill’s.  Read more here


Raw Feeding Veterinary Society 2019 Conference

11/13/2019  I had the tremendous honor to speak at the 2019 Raw Feeding Veterinary Society (RFVS) annual Conference this past weekend in Bristol, UK (my first international speech, first trip to Europe). To be surrounded by so many forward thinking veterinarians was beyond words. RFVS is an international organization of veterinarians that fully understand minimally processed pet food (not excessively processed feed) is of significant importance for the health of pets. Once a year they gather together, inviting like minded individuals to share their science and knowledge. It was my honor to be included this year. Read more here


The Same Crime: one is prosecuted, the others are paid by your tax dollars

11/13/2019  Why was one ingredient supplier prosecuted, when FDA and other regulators committing the same crime walk away penalty free? In a Missouri courtroom last week, a pet food ingredient supplier pleaded guilty to one count of “conspiracy to introduce adulterated and/or misbranded food into interstate commerce“. This plea was finalizing a pet food ingredient fraud issue that began with a lawsuit between Purina and Blue Buffalo in 2014.  Read more here


Throw The Bums Out! - We must dismantle the AAFCO.

11/7/2019  This section is commentary by Doug Hines.

This is a followup to yesterday's story from Susan Thixton titled 'AAFCO Bans Pet Owners." Please read yesterday's story, so that you will understand the issue. The only 'association' charged with regulating the sale and distribution of animal feeds and animal drug remedies, the AAFCO, FEELS THEY ARE UNDER NO OBLIGATION WHATSOEVER TO REPRESENT PET OWNERS.

In the past they have permitted consumer advocate groups/representatives to attend their 'private' meetings. Now the AAFCO has banished those same consumer advocate groups/representatives in total. While it may be legally correct to say that the AAFCO can do whatever-the-hell it wants to do, IT ISN'T TOO SMART ON THEIR PART TO CUT THE PUBLIC FROM THE CONVERSATION.

In today's story, Susan Thixton reports further developments wherein the AAFCO's lawyer has sent out a directive to past meeting attendees banning them from anything to do with the AAFCO. Ms. Thixton ALSO CALLS FOR US - AVERAGE, EVERYDAY PET OWNERS - TO DISMANTLE THE AAFCO BY EMAILING A MESSAGE TO OUR STATE GOVERNORS AND OTHER STATE OFFICIALS. Ms. Thixton includes an example message in the story below.

It's time to rally against this outdated, pseudo-quasi-private organization, and show them the door. I whole heartedly support Susan Thixton and TruthAboutPetFood,com in this battle for pet-consumer representation. Please get involved and email your state Governors.

Susan Thixton's article is next:


Lawyer Defends AAFCO’s Consumer Discrimination

11/7/2019  "Chances are, your tax dollars are helping to pay the salary of one or more AAFCO members that openly discriminated against pet owners. If you live in Indiana, Kentucky, Missouri, Washington, Pennsylvania, North Dakota, North Carolina, South Carolina, or Colorado – the states that the AAFCO Board of Directors work for – your tax dollars are paying the salaries of the very people that voted yes to banning pet owners. [Doug's note: If you don't live in one of the aforementioned states, you still have an important role to play in dismantling the AAFCO. Send your emails anyway!]

How can we stop the discrimination? By demanding our home state resign from the AAFCO. When states are forced to resign from participating in the AAFCO – participating in openly discriminating against pet owners – AAFCO crumbles and the bigotry stops."   Read this important story here.


AAFCO Bans Pet Owners

The AAFCO is the Association of American Feed Control Officials. They are a membership association of local, state and federal agencies charged with regulating the sale and distribution of animal feeds and animal drug remedies. By inference, but hardly by actuality, they should be representing your interests with the pet industry.

11/5/2019  Susan Thixton, in TruthAboutPetFood.com writes today: AAFCO’s bias against pet owners reared it’s ugly head today – denying pet owners and advocates from attending meetings. 

AAFCO sent out a despicable email this morning…to consumer advocates and to two pet owners that have attended previous AAFCO meetings. ALL were told they COULD NOT attend future AAFCO meetings.  AAFCO used the excuse of the lawsuit filed by Answers Pet Food as to why consumers and consumer advocates can no longer attend AAFCO meetings. Even though we have NOTHING to do with the Answers lawsuit.  Read more here.

To DENY pet owners any opportunity to attend regulatory meetings…to DENY pet owners any opportunity to have a voice in the regulatory process, is beyond criminal.

PLEASE send the AAFCO Board of Directors an email demanding that pet owners and consumer advocates be allowed to participate in the regulatory process. 

Robert Geiger – President. Email: geigerb@purdue.edu

Kristen Green – President elect. Email: kristen.mary.green@uky.edu

Stan Cook – Past President. Email: stan.cook@mda.mo.gov

Ali Kashani. Email: akashani@agr.wa.gov

Sue Hays – AAFCO Excutive Director. Email: aafco@aafco.org

Erin Bubb. Email: ebubb@pa.gov

Dave Phillips. Email: davephillips@nd.gov

George Ferguson. Email: george.ferguson@ncagr.gov

Austin Therrell. Email: atherrell@scda.sc.gov

Hollis Glen. Email: hollis.glenn@state.co.us

If AAFCO doesn’t change their mind – we will be planning a LARGE protest at the next meeting in January. They cannot legally ban us from public meetings. 

 - - - - - - - - - - - -

TO ALL CAT FOOD INGREDIENTS READERS AND FACEBOOK MEMBERS: Here is the email I sent to each and every person on the list above. Please write your own response to the crisis, and join me in going to war with the AAFCO. - Doug Hines

"To the AAFCO:  

To exclude pet owners from meetings, people who have nothing to do with the Answers lawsuit, especially previous AAFCO meeting attendees and Pet Food Committee advisors, is absurd. 

As the creator and producer of a prominent pet website (linked below), I’m going to do everything in my power to pressure you to reverse your decision. I am rallying the readers of my site and members of my Facebook group to bring this issue to light.

Excluding pet owners, a symptom of the AAFCO’s underhandedness regarding consumers, is fraught with odor. Promoting the AAFCO as a private, non-profit corporation is almost fraudulent. You may not make a profit in dollar bills from the pet food industry, but you most certainly derive other forms of profit from them.

I especially want to underline the value of TruthAboutPetFood.com for pet-parents/guardians. As a stakeholder organization representing the voice of pet food consumers at AAFCO meetings and with the FDA, TAPF is a voice for consumer concerns which I heartily endorse.

Please reverse your decision, and reinstate meeting attendees. I am going to keep this issue in the public's mind continually. Don't expect the story to fade away anytime soon."

Most sincerely - Doug Hines - CatFoodIngredients.com


BONUS! A Previous Story: Comments from Susan Thixton...

3/8/2009   Jerry mentioned in his personal account that he didn’t know if all rendering facilities were like this; truth is, none of us know. All rendering facilities are overseen by the USDA; however there are no inspection reports or any other information on the USDA website regarding rendering facilities.  Read more here.


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