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I started a GoFundMe page to assist with paying the costs associated with maintaining CatFoodIngredients.com. Read below to find out why. Please consider making a donation to this site. For a direct donation through this website, go to the Please Donate page, and here's a direct link to my GoFundMe campaign.


Save a Vital Cat Resource From Extinction!

"We could loose this entire valuable resource, this website, if someone doesn't help now. The cost of doing nothing will be tragic."

CatFoodIngredients.com… Make a Difference in Your Cat’s Life - Help This Website Last Well Into The Future!

Whether or not you believe in a ‘higher power,’ you have to acknowledge that cats are unique, special gifts in our lives.

CatFoodIngredients.com - A Cat Lover’s Educational Website - by Doug Hines, is a website that is 100% financially supported by cat owners with no advertising and no annoying pop-up window interruptions.

Visit the Site, and See It’s Value For You and Your Cat!

Learn how to evaluate cat food brands!

The site’s purpose is to heighten awareness regarding the quality of ingredients in canned cat food, and to hopefully influence what people feed their cats. After all… it is our marketplace choices which ultimately drive and encourage cat food manufacturers to produce better, more healthy products. That’s something we all want for our cats.

Why be concerned about cat food ingredients? Because ultimately, we are responsible for the well-being of of animals. Not just companion animals, but all animals. We must have empathy and compassion for them as they are almost totally dependent on us for their care, protection, and good health. Part of that responsibility is providing the best possible food for them, as we want the same for ourselves.

CatFoodIngredients.com can make a difference in your cat’s life, and it can play a part in encouraging the pet food industry to have more integrity in choosing cat food ingredients.

Donate and know that you have made a difference to many, many cats and cat parents.

The site's author needs your help

I’m Doug Hines, and I created CatFoodIngredients.com. 

I’m a veteran, 72 years old, and I live alone (with my cats). I've been in and out of VA hospitals for months. I’ve had surgery and radiation for tongue and neck cancer. They took out all my teeth in preparation for the radiation, and I have a little difficulty talking.  I can’t chew solid foods, and I’ve been on soup, fruit juice and other soft foods for the last 9 months. I have difficulty walking without a walker.

I live solely on my social security check and I have no savings at all. I get by with some assistance from my brothers. I have 3 cats to support - Bubby, Mindy & Brady (pictured on my site’s Fun Stuff  page). I’m struggling to keep us going, but I’m also dedicated to making a difference in the lives of cats everywhere through my website. I do all my site writing & design by myself.

I’m worried that, should I pass away, this website, which impacts cats and cat parents worldwide, will cease to exist because no one will be there to pay the domain, site builder and other directly associated website fees. My brothers will undoubtedly help me with funeral expenses, but I can't ask them to maintain my website for years to come.

I’m asking for GoFundMe assistance to ensure that CatFoodIngredients.com will continue, and be available worldwide, well into the future. 

Your support and contributions will enable me to keep the site going. Donations will be used to extend the website’s online presence (in other words, pay the site’s hosting company). Want to see the website last another 10 or 20 years? You can personally make it happen.

What do you get for your donation?

  • You get the knowledge and personal satisfaction that you have made a difference to many, many cats and cat-parents by securing CatFoodIngredients.com’s future.
  • If you like, you can have your name and city/state added to the website’s Donors Honor Role page.
  • Additionally, you can have a picture of your cat placed in the ‘Donors Cat Gallery’ on the same page (limited to the first 100 donors).

Visit CatFoodIngredients.com and judge it’s value for yourself. 

Please Donate… Together, we can make a positive impact on the lives of cats everywhere.

Thank You. - Doug Hines

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