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What's in Your Cat's Food Dish? ®

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- So What Do I Feed My Three Critters? -


The mid-morning meal is usually:

Hound & Gatos Rabbit Formula, Grain-Free (5.5oz) - Chewy


Hound & Gatos 98% Gamebird Poultry Formula, Grain-Free (5.5oz) - Chewy


RAWZ - 96% Rabbit Pate (3oz or 5.5oz)


The mid-morning meal is sometimes:

plus / including / mixed with:

Almo Nature - Tuna with Shrimp (2.47oz) - Chewy


Tiki Cat - Wild Salmon (5.5oz or 2.8oz) - Chewy 


The evening meal is usually:

plus / including / mixed with:

Tiki Cat - After Dark - with Chicken & Duck  (5.5oz or 2.8oz) - Chewy


Almo Nature - Chicken Drumstick in Broth (4.94oz or 2.47oz) - Chewy

I have found what I think are the Perfect Cat Food Dishes

After searching the internet, and after purchasing several cat food dishes which turned out to be unacceptable, I have found the best cat food dishes at Target.

I was very definite in my specification requirements for a cat dish. My dish had to be what is commonly called, a 'whisker relief' dish. Shallow 'whisker relief' dishes eliminate the painful condition caused when a cat is forced to pull back his or her whiskers for an extended period of time while trying to keep them from contacting the bowl's edges. So I was clear I didn't want a dish with deep sides. That eliminated 'bowls' for the same reason. Bowls are usually too deep for 'whisker relief.'

I also knew I didn't want a dish, even if described as a 'whisker relief' dish, that was little more than a concave surface. In other words, I wanted a shallow dish which did have slight edges to it. Cats often push their food off the sides of a  traditional 'whisker relief' dish which has no edges.

I have found the IDEAL cat food dish at Target. Sold in various sizes, a company called Threshold makes white, porcelain, rectangular and square 'serving platters.' These dishes have a slightly raised rim to keep the cat food in place. They are both dishwasher and microwave safe, and because they are porcelain, they don't have the microscopic pores or tiny surface openings one might find in plastic. An additional benefit of porcelain is that it is heavy enough that a cat can't easily move it about while dining.

There are different sizes available (depending on the size of your cat(s) - lol) online at the Target website:

  • The 15.2" x 9.6" platter is here.
  • The 8" square salad plate is here.
  • The approx. 7" x 14" serving tray is here.

There are also two other sizes which I prefer which I did not find online, but which were in the Target store. I prefer these because of their sizes.

  • The 6.5" x 12" is good for two cats, side-by-side (product code: 92000 11045)
  • The 6.5" x 6.5" is good for a single cat (product code: 92000 11069)


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