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This website is the place to come to for an education in cat food! Site contents:



PLEASE DONATE...  The Donation Page is where we beg for your assistance in keeping the site alive and going.

ABOUT DOUG / CONTACT...  The About Page includes a message to Doug's critics.

BEFORE WE BEGIN...  This section gives a little background about the cat food study course which follows. It includes:

THE STUDY COURSE is all about how I review canned cat food. It includes

AND THE WINNERS ARE...  This is the page which gives you the little bit of good news - my list of 'better-than-average' cat food brands based on ingredients

OTHER THINGS...  includes:


OTHER STUFF...  includes:

The CAT NEWS DAILY®...  is a popular section of this website where folks can come daily to find out what's going on in the cat world. It includes:


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