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Clever Cat Food Titles

Just a little humor here...

I'm not endorsing any of the following companies and/or products. I just like the titles. (need I say it? all are copyrighted by their respective companies)


  • Salmon & Delilah

Natures Balance®:

  • O'Fishally Scampi Stew


  • Clucky in Love Chicken Entree
  • A-Moo-Zing Beef


  • Fowl Ball Chicken & Turkey
  • Lamb Burgini Lamb
  • Good Stew Shoes Chicken & Salmon

I and Love and You®:

  • Oh My Cod!
  • Chicken Me Out
  • Purrky Turkey
  • Whascally Wabbit
  • Chicky-Da-Lish Stew
  • Beef Right Meow
  • Salmon Chanted Evening Stew

Under the Sun®:

  • Wish Upon a Fish
  • Duck & Cover
  • Hooked On You Cod & Trout



So you don't know what to name your cat?

This list ought to have you thinking for a while... I've been accumulating it for years.

I like two syllable names for cats. I think it helps them learn their names, and it helps them understand you when you call them. (Of course, that’s all conjecture) I also like names that end in the long e sound.

Some Suggestions:  Alfie, Alley, Andy, Archie, Avery,  Baby, Bailey, Bambi, Barney, Barry, Beany, Berry, Binkie, Blackie, Blinky, Bluey, Bobby, Bonnie, Bossy, Bowie, Brady, Brandy, Bubby, Buddy, Buffy,  Calley, Candy, Carley, Charlie, Cheeky, Cheesey, Chewie, Chili, Chloe, Chubby, Coffee, Cookie, Creamy, Cutie,  Daddy, Daisy, Dandy, Dempsey, Dinghy, Dirty, Dolly, Doody, Ducky, Duffy, Dusty, Dutchy, Eddie, Eeeny, Eeney, Ellie, Emily, Emmi,  Finney, Foxy, Frankie, Frooty, Frosty, Fruity, Gabby, Golly, Gracie, Grady, Grumpy, Guffy, Guppy, Gussy, Gypsy, Hades, Hailey, Hanky, Happy, Harley, Harry, Hartley, Hattie, Heidi, Henry,  Itchy, Izzy,  Jelly, Jetty, Jiggy, Katie, KeeKee, Kiki, Kitty, Koky,  Lenny, Lexi, Lilly, Lily, Loki, Lucky, Lucy, Macy, Maddie, Maggie, Mali, Mallie, Mani, Manny, Marlee, Marley, Marti, Marty, Matey, Maui, Maxie, Meany, Meeney, Meeny, Menchy, Midgie, Millie, Milly, Mimi, Mindy, Miney, Minnie, Miny, Missy, Misty, Molly, Monkey, Monty, Moochie, Mookie, Muffy, Munchie,  Nickie, Nubi,  Odie, Ollie, Ozzy,  Paisley, Pappy, Parsley, Party, Patsy, Pearly, Penny, Pepsi, Percy, Petee, Pinky, Pixie, Poppy, Presley, Puffy,  Raggie, Riley, Ripley, Rosei, Roxie, Toxy, Rusty,  Saki, Sammy, Sandy, Sassy, Queeney, Shaky, Sharky, Shelby, Sketchy, Slinky, Smitty, Smokey, Smudgy, Sneaky, Sneezy, Sniffy, Snoopy, Snowy, Softie, Spanky, Sooty, Sophie, Sparky, Spooky, Spunky, Squeaky, Squirmy, Stanley, Stewie, Squeegee, Stinky, Stormy, Stuffy, Sully, Sunny, Sushi, Sweetie, Tabby, Taffy, Tandy, Teeny, Tessie, Tiggy, Tikki, Tilly, Tiny, Tobby, Toby, Tony, Tootie, Tootsie, Trixie, Tubby, Twinkie,  Vinny,  Wacky, Wally, Weeny, WeeWee, Wendy, Whiskey, Whitey, Whitley, Whitney, Willie, Winnie,  Yeti,  Ziggy, Zoey

Other Great Names:  Amber, Bandit, Baxter, Bella, Billy Bob, Biscuit, BooBoo, Boomer, Boots, Bourbon, Brock, Buster, Button, Charleston, Charlie Horse, Cheddar, Cheetos, Chester, Cooper, Critter, Dexter, Diesel, Ding-a-ling. Domino, Eight Ball, Elvira, Fidget, Fletcher, Forrest, Franklin, Geisha, Gideon, Gizmo, Goose, Grayson, Harper, Hemingway, Houdini, Huckleberry, Jagger, Jasmine, Jasper, Jethro, Jitters, Joker, Kansas, King Kong, Knickers, Leonard, Leonardo, Lola, Luna, Matilda, Memphis, Merlin, Midnight, Mittens, Mojo, Moose, Morgan, Mortimer, Mouser, Mozart, Mr. Bojangles, Nutmeg, Oliver, Pancake, Poncho, Patch, Patches, Peanut, Pepe, Pepper, Pickles, Piper, Pippin, Porkchop, Raven, Reno, Romanov, Sasha, Savannah, Scooter, Scuba, Sebastian, Selene, Simon, Skeeter, Skiddles, Smudge, Sneakers, Snickers, Snooker, Snuggles, Socks, Socrates, Spartacus, Speckles, Spock, Sugar Pie, Sunshine, Sweetie Pie, Tallywhacker, Taylor, Teacup, Theodore, Thunder, Tucker, Twinkle, Twinkles, Twitch, Waffle, Walter, Whiskers, Zeus

For a Pair:  Macaroni & Cheese, Samson & Delilah, Peanut Butter & Jelly, Chicken & Dumpling, Sugar & Spice, Tiger & Lilly, Tux & Cedo, Polly & Ester, Porgy & Bess, Salt & Pepper, Bonnie & Clyde Itty & Bitty, Puss & Boots, Razzle & Dazzle, Black & Blue, Piss & Vinegar, Cuff & Link (with a nod to Rocky), Sweet & Cheese, Lolly & Pop, Jekyll & Hyde, Tutti & Frutti, Frick & Frack. Gertrude & Heathcliffe (Red Skelton)

The best name I've ever heard for a cat comes from Joanne Embury. Her cat is named Grand Duke Boris Vladimirovich. It's worth it to try to see a pic of the Grand Duke too. Stunning.

The next best name comes from Ray-and Cindi Bell: Itty Bitty Kitty



- Kute, Kuddly Kittens -


Other Tidbits

Fun Fact:  August 8th is International Cat Day, and as the name implies, it's celebrated all the way around the world by us cat lovers!

And, since this is my website, I think I have the right to give you my opinion on various things. You did come here seeking the benefit of my infinite wisdom didn't you? LOL Here it goes... I think that, for the most part, people choose litter boxes for their cats which are way, way, way too small. After all - the cat needs a little room in which to work. If you have a litter box problem maybe size is the problem (as it may be in other areas of life). Bottom line (pardon the pun): Bigger is Better.

Serious tidbit: Pet foods marketed as "snacks" are not required to have nutritional adequacy labels.

Finally, you'll get a real chuckle out of reading Lorraine Sommerfeld's article in The Hamilton Spectator' titled 'Do Cat-Food Manufactures Like Cats?'




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