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Decking the halls with … holiday pet hazards!

12/8/2019  "It’s that time again. Time for holiday decorating. Twinkling lights, glittering ornaments and shiny garlands create a magical ambiance in your home that’s warm and inviting. But for our pets? Not so much! Holiday greenery and decorations are almost irresistible to many dogs and cats, just begging to be chewed, licked, or swallowed." - Altoona Mirror

How to Keep a Cat Off a Christmas Tree, According to Reddit

12/2/2019  "Cats love Christmas trees. A lot of them love messing with the tree, even climbing it. They’ll knock off the ornaments, make needles fall, and even topple the tree. I looked through Reddit, where every user owns two hundred cats, digging through years of posts for the best advice on keeping cats from ruining Christmas trees or hurting themselves." - lifehacker

Cats are Already Going for the Christmas Trees and it's Carnage

12/2/2019  "It’s the most wonderful time of the year – unless you’re a cat owner. In which case, welcome to a month of Christmas tree hell. Yes that’s right. The kitties of the world are already wreaking havoc on their owner’s trees – the ones they’ve spent hours decorating with fairy lights and baubles." - HuffingtonPost

Here's the fun part of holiday shopping: Spoiling good boys and girls in animal shelters

11/23/2019  "Some gift recipients on your list are easier to shop for than others — and more fun. For dogs and cats at Central Virginia shelters and sanctuaries, many items are just a click away online, and others are as close as local stores." - The Daily Progress

4 Holiday Hazards for Pets

11/14/2019  "Parties, decorations, indulgent foods—there are so many more ways for your furry friend to get in trouble this time of year. Here’s how to fend off potential problems." - Health.com

5 Reasons Kittens Love Christmas

11/12/2019  "You think you love Christmas? Check your elf hat at the door. Your excitement is only a fraction of what cats across the world are feeling. This year, I’ve been lucky enough to watch two kittens experiencing Christmas for the first time and I’m a little jealous of all the fun they’re having. Here are five reasons cats are seriously stoked about" - TheFrisky

Christmas Cat-Stuff

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Chewy's holiday shop has all the best gifts for your pets...

10/28/2019  "... from holiday-themed cat tunnels to plush dog toys. 

  • Chewy is ready for the holidays with the launch of its Holly Jolly Holiday Shop where you can find gifts for both your pets and pet-loving friends.
  • Hundreds of gift options are organized into easily shoppable categories like toys, treats, tech, decor, and more for the special cats, dogs, fish, reptiles, and humans in your life.
  • As always, all orders over $49 get free one- or two-day shipping, and you can save a little extra holiday cash when you sign up for Autoship & Save on eligible products.

                 Read more here - Business Insider      See Chewy's Holiday Shop here!



15 Christmas Ornaments That Your Cat Would Love to Swat Off Your Tree


11/20/2019  "If we know anything about cats — and cat people — it's that they're very particular. It can be difficult to find the purr-feat Chistmas gift for the cat person in your life, but luckily we've gathered a collection of cute ornaments that will please even the most finicky of friends. " - Popsugar

Katzenworld’s 2019 Top 10 Christmas Gift Ideas for Cats and Cat Lovers


11/26/2019  "It’s once again time for our annual Christmas Gift guide! We hope you’ll enjoy our guide as much as we did compiling it and appreciate the time it’s taken to bring you the cutest, funnest and best Christmas gift ideas for your cat or cat loving friend." - PetTraining

15 Best Cat Christmas Sweaters (for humans)


10/01/2019   “If you’re in the mood for a very “meowy” holiday season, a cat Christmas sweater is the purr-fect choice for all of your office and family gatherings. Featuring furry felines from snarky to snarling, they’re sure to garner more laughs than your old ugly Christmas sweaters." - Heavy

The 5 Most Festive Cat Beds You Can Buy This Holiday Season


11/14/2019  "While you're busy checking everyone off your Christmas list, don't forget about your furry friend. Even if your cat prefers to lounge in a cardboard box, they'll instantly be drawn to these cat beds. They're made of ultra-soft materials for comfort, and some even come with a toy attached for playtime. A few of these beds are constructed to be small cat houses, which gives them a little retreat from all the hustle and bustle of the holidays." -  Better Homes & Gardens

Deck the Halls the Right Way With a Heated Cat Bed From Amazon — It's Only $15!


11/9/2019  "irst there were adorable Halloween-themed homes just for cats, then there was an insanely sweet cardboard RV that your kitties could hang out in, and now my friends, there's officially a heated cat bed your felines can snooze in just in time for Christmas! Made of soft velvet and clearly supersturdy by the looks of the reviews, the Hollypet Self-Warming 2-in-1 Cat Bed ($15) from Amazon is quite frankly the perfect preholiday present for your furry friend." - Popsugar

Pet Tunes Holiday: This Seasons Best Gift for Dogs and Cats


10/22/2019   "The award-winning pet brand, Pet Acoustics announces, Pet Tunes Holiday that is sure to keep dogs and cats calm and not hiding under the bed when your friends and family come over for celebrating. Pet Tunes Holiday is a Bluetooth speaker pre-loaded with 14 tracks of holiday music designed for dog and cat hearing to calm them during a high energy time of year. Each Pet Tunes Holiday gift pack comes with a Santa squeaky toy for canine fun and a feathered holiday mouse for cat play." - CISION PR Newswire

Amazon is selling Christmas tree beds for your beloved cat


10/28/2019  "Santa paws is officially coming to town thanks to one online marketplace. We all love dressing our beloved pets up at Christmas, but Amazon has just taken festive shenanigans to another level. Forget Christmas jumpers, the retailer is selling an adorable selection of cat beds – purrrfect for full-grown moggies and kittens alike. There are a number of types to choose from, including a Christmas tree-themed bed as well as a Santa’s hat design." - METRO

Target's Holiday Houses For Cats Are Already For Sale


10/25/2019  "Whether your kitten’s been nice all year or falls in the category of “naughty but too cute for you to care,” you’re probably looking for something to gift your pet for the holidays. Or you’re looking for something to keep them from tearing every ornament off your tree. Either wa, Target's new holiday cat houses, featuring festive designs, will give your furry friend something to enjoy." - Bustle

This Holiday-Tree-Shaped Cat House Is a Must For Festive Felines


10/15/2019   "Looking for the perfect way to wish your favorite feline happy holidays? Bed Bath & Beyond is selling a cozy cat house shaped like a Christmas tree, and if the Holiday Tree Wool pet Cave ($80) isn't already on your kitty's wish list, it should be. Measuring 15 inches in length, 15 inches in width, and 22 inches in height, this little holiday haven is just the right size for making your cat feel comfy and secure." - pop sugar

Argos is selling half Christmas trees – and they’re a must if you have naughty pets


10/11/2019   "IT'S HARD to ward off feeling like Scrooge when your cheeky cat has toppled your Christmas tree for the umpteenth time. Lucky then, that Argos have come up with a genius solution. Half Christmas trees are the perfect way to retain that festive feeling - even around the naughtiest of pets." - TheSun

You Can Score Some Hideous Cat-Themed Ugly Christmas Sweaters


10/16/2019   "Finding the perfect ugly Christmas sweater usually takes some online digging, but this year, Amazon is selling a slew of truly heinous pullovers that will surely make any holiday party a heck of a lot more festive. As a Christmas and feline enthusiast, I like to order my garb way ahead of the season." - popsugar

These Cats Got Wrapped Up For Christmas, and I'm Officially in the Holiday Spirit


10/18/19  VIDEO: "If I can be completely honest, I utterly stink at wrapping gifts. In fact, I'm so bad at it, my mom teases me every year! However, after watching this video of a woman wrapping up her three cats. I might just put in a little extra effort this holiday season."  - Popsugar

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