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Exotic or Exploited? The Controversial Savannah Cat

12/6/2019  "Onlookers thought a cheetah was roaming the neighborhood. In the fall of 2006, a large, spotted and very wild-looking cat began making appearances in the streets and backyards of Nicasio, California. Too small to be a mountain lion, yet too long-tailed for a bobcat, it didn't resemble any of the state's native feline species. Surely this wasn't a domestic cat — right?" - HowStuffWorks

People for Cats - Dec. 6, 2019

12/6/2019  [Doug's note: I generally don't cover stories about specific animal shelters, but this story has some good information about white cats.]  "Many people are aware that white cats are often born deaf. What is less widely known is that the chances of a white cat being deaf vary. This is because there are at least three kinds of white cats." - The Falmouth Enterprise

Cat Brings Her Kittens to a Family that Was Kind to Her, and Asks for Help

12/5/2019  "A feral cat mom brought her kittens to a family's home and asked for help. Kurtis and Melanie from Montreal, Canada have been helping community cats in their area. They have set up cat shelters outside in their backyard and regularly provide food for feral cats. Earlier this year, an elusive black cat showed up on their porch for a share of the food. When she returned later, she didn't come alone - she brought her entire family with her." - PetTraining

In Istanbul, Cats Are Sacred — Here Are Photos of the City’s Cutest Strays

12/4/2019  "...in Istanbul, I couldn’t wait to capture the visual dichotomy between tradition and modernity — the Byzantine domes and spiraling minarets juxtaposed against the lively bars and cutting-edge art galleries. But after a few days exploring the city’s labyrinth of cobblestone streets, I found myself enamored by an altogether different subject: Istanbul’s stray cats." - Travel and Leisure

Family pawtrait! Owner gets her 17 dogs and cats to all sit still for a photo

12/3/2019  "A woman has shared an amazing photo of all 17 of her cats and dogs sitting in the living room. Kathy Smith, 30, Corwen, Wales from managed to get her pack of pets to sit perfectly still for the family portrait after days of failed attempts. The amazing photo shows eight solemn-faced pooches and nine felines lined up on and around the sofa." - Daily Mail

Someone Recorded Their Cat Saying "Well, Hi!" in a Southern Accent, and I've Watched It 67 Times

12/3/2019  "After a long day at work, one of my favorite ways to unwind is spending time scrolling through Instagram looking for cat content. What can I say? It calms me. But recently, I found the mother of all feline-centric videos after stumbling across a clip of a gorgeous orange tabby named Gambino whose meow somehow sounds exactly like the words "Well, hi!" in a Southern accent." - Popsugar

Seaford soldier fundraising to bring cat companion home

12/2/2019  "Dan Brissey is on his fourth overseas tour as part of the National Guard. .." "Brissey is stationed in Kabul, Afghanistan’s capital and largest city, working as an engineer at a construction site..." “I immediately recognized her as part of a litter of four I had seen around. She was the only one that made it,” Brissey said. "Brissey became pretty attached to the cat he called Sully. He couldn’t leave her in Afghanistan, so he started trying to make arrangements to get her to Seaford. To do that, he needs to raise money through the clinic." - Dover Post

How to Ensure Your Cats Golden Years are the Best

12/2/2019  "An older cat requires special care. As an owner, you have had your kitty companion on your lap and purring for a long time and as a cat ages, an owner needs to be more aware of a cat's health. A healthy cat is a happy cat and as a cat owner, the responsibilities and joy of having a cat changes." - Patch

A case of the wrong “cat”: unexpected surprise in a toy box fuels laughs online

12/2/2019  "Think back to your childhood toys. If you were into trucks and construction equipment, chances are you had some model of the yellow machinery manufactured by Caterpillar Inc., also known as CAT, in your toy box. With its distinctive color and logo, the equipment is instantly recognizable to people across the world. Enter Japanese Twitter user @saba_41ki. In a recent post, he shared a photo of a toy box for remote control models of CAT construction equipment." -  SoraNews24

15 times cats were caught playing D&D

12/2/2019  "Cats are attracted to D&D. There are books to sit on, dice to chase, and DM screens to peer royally out from behind.  The internet even has an official archive of the photographic that proves all this. Geek Native has curated 15 examples of cats playing D&D but if you visit Reddit’s /r/CatsPlayingDnD then you'll find hundreds more." - GeekNative

This Cat Named Valkyrie Has The Most Bizarre Human-Like Face

undated  "While the Internet is full of cute cat pics, there’s always room for one more famous feline. There’s enough cat love to go around, and that’s especially true for a very special Maine Coon named Valkyrie. This star-studded cat made her Instagram debut with help from her human, Tatiana Rastorgueva. It’s easy to see why the world fell in love with Valkyrie after the first pic—this cat’s face looks so human!" - Cole and Marmalade

How This Cat Went from Shelter Animal to World Record Holder

undated  "The “Kim Kardashian of Cats” started life out in a shelter, just waiting to be loved. Today that dream has surely come true, as Nala has over 4 million followers on Instagram, a feat which earned her the title “Guinness World Records Most Popular Cat on Instagram.” - Reader's Digest


Richard J. Leskosky - Marking the 100th anniversary of Felix the Cat

12/1/2019  "The old saw about cats having nine lives gains some validity when one reaches an age that would be extraordinary for a human. And Felix the Cat turned 100 years old on Nov. 9. Of course, Felix is a cartoon cat, but even so he remains easily recognizable with his image on numerous sorts of merchandise and new animated TV series and feature films..." - The News-Gazette

Cats are lucky charms!

12/1/2019  "It is obvious to all cat parents that cats have a ‘sixth sense’. They seem to understand a great deal more than we give them credit for... For instance, when we come home, after being out for several hours, the cat is very likely to be sitting at the door as if s/he knows we will be home very soon. Here are a few widely-held beliefs about cats." - Times of India

Adorable videos of cats chirping at birds wins the Internet for us today

12/1/2019  "Cats make all kinds of noises, from the soft mew of greeting to the more pleading meow for attention and the "I'm hungry so feed me now" yowl. But people who don’t own cats might not know that cats also chirp to attract prey like birds and bugs. Put them in front of a window–or put on the laser pointer–and you’ll probably hear them make a noise like a short, high-pitched squeak, or better yet, a funny little “cakcakcak” noise." - SoraNews24

Missing cat returns to family 15 months after disappearance

12/1/2019  "Barbara Franks, 46, said her family had almost given up home after domestic short hair Jazz disappeared from their house in Prestwich, Bury, in September last year. The rescue cat had only been 16 months old at the time. But this week they received a phone call out of the blue to say he had been found by a couple living a mile and a half away." - METRO

The Turkish Van, a cat likes swimming

11/30/2019  "The Turkish Van is a kind of silky cat with a white body from Turkey's eastern Lake Van region. Unlike other feline species, it has a liking for swimming thanks to its water-proof coat, a unique feature. With a plumed tail, the cat wears silky fur, which turns thick and dense in the winter and shorter in the summer, and is easy to groom. The cat is not only loved in Van where it's a mark of the region and the lake, but across the whole country where it is a source of national pride." - XINHUANET

Cat steals animal control officer’s Thanksgiving dinner

11/29/2019  "A stealthy cat got early Thanksgiving dinner this week when he ate part of a turkey a veteran animal control officer had won in a raffle. It happened to Wendell Strout, a 20-year animal control officer who typically investigates this type of mischief rather than suffering it directly." - CentralMaine.com

Trucker Bursts Into Tears After Reuniting With His Lost Travel Buddy-Cat After Months Of Searching

11/29/2019  "A truck driver Matthew B. from Texas has an extraordinary travel companion named Ashes. The man shares an inseparable bond with his best buddy, a three-year-old cat, and spends his days traveling cross-country with him. Sadly, a couple of months ago during one such trip, Ashes accidentally slipped out of Matthew’s 18-wheeler as they were passing through Springfield, Ohio." - boredpanda

Anderson: Is there a cat shrink in the house?

11/29/2019  "When I call the dogs for breakfast by clanging their bowls together (so even the older deaf dog Blue knows), the first animal to report for duty is the yellow tomcat Simba. He hustles over to where I’m shoveling out the morning’s portion and sits at attention. Then the two dogs eventually show up and sit next to him. They make a funny picture, lined up together according to height like kids in line for school lunch." - CasperStarTribune

Giving Tuesday: Caring for Racetrack Cats

11/27/2019  "“Imagine how difficult life is for homeless cats at the racetrack during the winter, when the horses and horsemen are gone. It is freezing cold with snow on the ground for months, and there is hardly any food.” "Caring for Racetrack Cats is a model program that provides hands-on care and feeding, monitoring, and adoption to backstretch cats all year long. This is especially important now and through the winter." - Thoroughbred Daily News

The cats who found us

11/27/2019  "When Paula and I moved to Montgomery and I started anchoring the news at WSFA , one of the more unusual cat adoptions took place. A young kitten found us and took up residency in our smallish, two-bedroom apartment. I heard him squalling from somewhere near our kitchen. I looked out the window, and there he was on the window sill." - Auburn Villager

Senior Moments: When an indoor cat makes a break for it...

11/27/2019  "The prevailing wisdom is that cats are healers. I was thinking about this as I sorted through boxes on the deck last night." "Just as I am laughing at a photo of the two-year-old Patty sitting on a horse in front of an apartment building in the Bronx (don’t ask), Lark, my rescue kitty comes streaking across the deck. I am in a panic because she is an indoor cat and has not been outside once in the eight months she has lived with me." - PE.com

Groom Who Didn't Want a Pet Surprises Cat-Loving Bride With Kitten

11/14/2019  "When bride Kaylee Schmidt Metheny turned around during the first look she saw her husband-to-be holding the sweetest rescue kitten. [The] groom proved his love is fur-ever when he surprised his bride with a kitten on their wedding day." - HuffPost


The Cat Issue

11/27/2019  "In our special Cat Issue, we visit a housecat show, elucidate the ins and outs of Madison cat law, discuss the negatives of declawing, and visit with the rescue Madison Cat Project. On the lighter side, we speak with a local catnip forager and a local builder of super-duper cat trees, review Red Lion Singapore Grill, try a pint of Octopi Brewing's Bow Chicka Meow Meow, take a look at our favorite onscreen cats, interview Madison punk band Cats on leashes and crack a few feline joins with a local bent." - Isthmus

Cat Stamps and the Cats On Stamps Study Unit

11/26/2019  "I bet you didn’t know there is a group dedicated to cats on stamps! I only found out recently, though the COSSU (Cats on Stamps Study Unit) celebrated their 40thanniversary not long ago. It’s been a well-kept secret, even for cat people like me who make a point of discovering obscure cat information wherever they can. Now I want to pass this discovery on to you!" - PetTraining

Cat Colors — Get the Fascinating Facts Behind Cat Coats & Patterns

11/26/2019  "This may seem hard to believe, but cat colors basically include black, red, white or some combination, dilution or mixture of these. It almost doesn’t seem fair when birds get 15 vivid colors like pink, green, blue, yellow and purple." - PetTraining

Japan Travel: Exploring Manabeshima cat island

11/26/2019  "After checking out the mysterious octagonal tunnel of Kyushu and riding the rickety monorail to a hidden cave in Nara, our team would like to introduce you to another off-the-beaten-path destination in Japan, and this this time we’re headed to a cat island in the Seto Inland Sea." - SoraNews

This Whole Litter Of 5 Maine Coon Kittens Was Born With Cute But Grumpy Faces

11/25/2019  "Being the biggest domestic cat breed, Maine coons are one of the most popular cats. Because who doesn’t love big and fluffy cats, right? These majestic felines can grow as much as 40 inches in length and come in 75 different color combinations. With their long, multilayered fur and large paws, Maine coons are very well equipped for winter. In fact, one theory suggests that they originated from Norwegian Forest cats because back in the day, they might have come to America with the Vikings." - boredpanda

Fact or Fiction: GPS shows cats roaming for miles at night?

11/25/2019  VIDEO: "Think your cat is just spending all night sleeping at the foot of your bed?

For many cats that is definitely not true. Australian researchers put GPS trackers on cats which recorded their movements overnight. The results showed they roamed all over their neighborhoods. In some cases, they wandered as far as nearly 2 miles away. The 'Domestic Cat Tracking Project' ended up successfully tracking 14 cats. The researchers say the takeaway message is to pay close attention to your pets and bring them in at night." - 10News

The Stray Cat Who Wandered Into The 1947 St. Louis Cat Show Winner’s Circle

11/25/2019  "Social media in this decade, certainly offers us unlimited access to the past. Thankfully in the bright corners of the internet, there are countless feel-good tales. And when these heartwarming stories are shared near and far for years after, they will truly never by forgotten. We’d never even know most of these random historical events existed, if not for this open online invitation. So when a stray cat wandered into the 1947 St. Louis Cat Show, thankfully it was front page news worthy." - Cole and Marmalade

14 Common "Facts" About Cats That Are Actually False

11/20/2019  "Most cat lovers would do anything to defend their favorite pet, but cats can still be very misunderstood. We gathered some of the most common cat "facts" that are actually false to set the record straight." -  DailyNewsView

Family Brings Snow Inside So Obsessed Indoor Cat Can Play In It

11/13/2019  "When Dibs was just 6 months old and living as a stray on the streets, he met his future dad, Nate Troy, in a parking lot. The kitten decided he wanted to go home with Troy and just hopped into his car. Even though Troy was technically allergic to cats, he knew he couldn’t say no to the friendly kitten." - The Dodo

Cat Is Fine Licking Its Owner But Does Not Appreciate it When the Favor Is Returned

11/11/2019  VIDEO: "Ernest Hemingway once said that, “A cat has absolute emotional honesty: human beings, for one reason or another, may hide their feelings, but a cat does not.” That statement rings true in a video that is going viral, where a man attempts to treat his cat the way he himself is treated, and the cat makes its feelings very clear." - Time

Foster Kitty Gives The Cutest Smile During A Photoshoot And It Takes Over The Internet

11/5/2019  "Even though she’s just starting her life, Blossom the kitty has endured a lot. However, the cutie hasn’t lost her spirit. Recently, Blossom gave her foster mother, Lauren Boutz, such an adorable thank-you smile, Lauren couldn’t resist photographing it." - boredpanda

Dressed Cats: Postcards From The 1950’S By Artist Eugen Hartung Published By Alfred Mainzer, Inc.

undated  "From the 1940s through the 1960s, the Alfred Mainzer Company of Long Island City, NY published a series of linen and photochrome humorous cat postcards illustrated by Eugen Hartung (or Hurtong) (1897–1973), sometimes referred to as “Mainzer Cats”.  These postcards normally illustrate settings that are filled with action, often with a minor disaster just about to occur." - DesignYouTrust


Girl adopts a stray 'cat' only to discover it is a WILD CAT

11/25/2019  "A teenage girl in Argentina was shocked to learn her new pet was actually a wild jaguarundi puma and not the the cute cat she thought it was. Florencia Lobo said she was enjoying a day of finishing near Santa Rosa de Leales, a town in the northern province of Tucumán, when she and her brother were distracted by the sound of a light cry. Thinking it was a fallen bird, the siblings walked over to a tree and found two cubs on the ground. " - Daily Mail

PET TALK: Felines may not need cat grass but still enjoy it

11/24/2019  "When confronted with the topic of healthy eating, we as humans are frequently reminded of the importance of including daily greens in our diets. Does your cat’s diet need the same? Lori Teller, a clinical associate professor at the Texas A&M College of Veterinary Medicine & Biomedical Sciences, discusses the basics of cat grass that every cat owner should know." The Eagle

In the navy: Cats, dogs and goats go down to the sea in ships

11/24/2019  "Warships from various nations often sailed along the coasts of the Korean Peninsula. These ships occasionally entertained entourages of local Korean officials. The Korean guests were treated to cigarettes, food and alcohol ― all greatly appreciated ― while being escorted around the ship and shown the wonders of a modern navy. The weapons and innovations probably impressed the Korean dignitaries, but the guests were undoubtedly surprised by something else ― the ship's mascots." - Korea Times

How To Become a Cat Person

11/23/2019  "Are you a dog person? Do cats freak you out? Do you see the tiny face and giant eyes of a feline and feel a shudder run through you, as though you’ve gazed directly into the soul of the devil himself? I used to be like you. A bite from a cat — a cat that had been purring beneath the gentle touch of my fingertips only seconds before it turned on me — put me securely in the ‘I Love Dogs’ camp when I was just eight years old. But now, twenty years on, I can say with hand on heart that I am both a dog and a cat person. Here’s how I did it." - Medium.com

Napping cat couldn't care less about where it sleeps

11/23/2019  "There are many challenges when operating a restaurant. You’ve got food safety, employee schedules, and slim profit margins to name a few. But sometimes it’s the owner of the restaurant that creates the biggest challenges to restaurant operations. In some cases, an owner might have good ideas for their place of business, but those ideas don’t always match the practicality of what day-to-day work looks like. Additionally, an owner might not help, or may even get in the way, during the dinner rush." - KSL.com

Local clinic building shelters for cats and dogs for the winter

11/23/2019  VIDEO: "If you have an outdoor pet listen up – a local animal clinic is making sure your four-legged friends stay warm this winter by building shelters for them. Forty animal lovers rolled up their sleeves to build a total of 60 shelters for cats and dogs. This is the first shelter building session for the Spay Arkansas clinic in Springdale and they plan to host many more in the future." - KNWA

Stray Dog Found Keeping Tiny Kittens Warm by Roadside on Frigid Night

11/23/2019  "Five young kittens got through a frigid Canada night thanks to a sweet stray dog, as well as the humans who brought the whole crew to safety. Pet and Wildlife Rescue, a nonprofit that operates the municipal animal shelter in Chatham-Kent, Ontario, posted photos on Nov. 16 showing the dog, now named Serenity, alongside the five black kittens." - HuffPost

This photographer captures cats enjoying catnip — and the pictures will make you laugh out loud

11/22/2019  "Photographer Andrew Marttila has a job that would make any animal lover swoon: he specializes in capturing the cuteness and quirks of our feline friends. Insider spoke to Marttila about his latest project, "Cats on Catnip," which offers a humorous, uninhibited look at cats enjoying the green stuff. Keep reading to see images from the book and learn more about his background in animal photography." - Business Insider

Customers boycott Tesco store after it banned Pumpkin the cat

11/22/2019  "Pet-loving shoppers are boycotting a Tesco Express store after bosses banned a friendly cat who had become a regular visitor at the Norwich store. Little Pumpkin frequents the store for naps and social time, sleeping on the tills and rolling over for pats from customers. Pumpkin lives with grandmother and cat-lover Jo Harding, her husband Lee, daughter Abbie and granddaughter Amelia, along with seven other cats and a dog." - METRO

'They were not to be separated': 2 cats with strong bond show the lengths one will go for friendship

11/22/2019  VIDEO: "The Regina Humane Society has become the home of two male cats who are best friends named Romeo and Adonis, but their journey to the shelter almost tore the inseparable pair apart. A few weeks ago, animal protection officers received a call about an abandoned cat at a vacant property. “A member of the public called in an abandoned cat from a property, so it’s somewhat of a standard call for us,” Animal Protection Officer Jason Crossley said. “We will go to a location, usually we are let into the address and we’ll retrieve the animal that’s been abandoned.”" - Regina CTV News

Sleeping in the same bed as your pets is wonderful & heart-warming

11/15/2019  "A recent poll of 2000 pet owners showed that two-thirds of them share a bed with their cat or dog. To some, this is gross. Understandable. I would never put out-door shoes on my bed or rub traces of fox poo on my duvet, but I will allow my cats who roam around barefoot all day, gathering filthy particles from the outside world, to jump on my bed and curl up beside me. " - Independent

Here's a 'Must Read' piece of creative writing about a Cat-Star who burst into this week's news

11/5/2019  The (Extremely True) Story of the Cat That Streaked the Field at MetLife Stadium. A black cat ran onto the field at the Giants-Cowboys game on Monday night. Little did you know, that cat has been plotting that very moment for years. For those who missed the moment during last night’s Monday Night Football game, we saw a black cat streak across the field, briefly stopping the game in the second quarter. Here’s the cat’s (very true) story… Shelly Whiskers waited her whole life for that moment—for hermoment, the one when she’d be able to streak across the field of MetLife Stadium in front of thousands of people live and millions of viewers watching at home." - Sports Illustrated


Feline Friendships - Introducing a New Cat Should be Slow and Controlled

11/21/2019  "People who love cats typically own more than one. In the perfect setting, all their cats would immediately get along with one another, living contently and sharing space with ease. Sorry to burst anyone’s bubble, but this is not the reality for most cat introductions." - SentinelSource

Life as a feline vet is the cat’s whiskers

11/21/2019  "TV viewers are being given a glimpse into the daily life of Ireland’s only cat veterinary hospital, which is based here in Cork. The first episode of Cat Hospital aired on RTÉ1 last Friday, featuring Cat Hospital founder, Clare Meade, and her dedicated team of staff. The six-part observational series includes cases range from grooming and neutering to house calls and life and death medical emergencies. Clare opened The Cat Hospital, which is located on Barnavara Hill, Glanmire, in 2009." - Echo Live

Huck And Finn: Two Bonded Bookstore Cats With A Lovely Story Of Their Own

11/21/2019  "It was February 2014 when the next chapter of life officially began for two sweet feline brothers in Wellsboro, PA. In a local bookstore, From My Shelf, there was something recently lost to the owners that only they could fix. Their beloved store cat Hobo who’d been greeting customers for 8 years had sadly passed away. The hole in their hearts–and the now open job pawsition–would be difficult to fill. But then a friend and local animal sanctuary owner introduced them to a special black house panther." - Cole and Marmalade

Selective breeding & smaller cats would help resolve problem of hip dysplasia in large cat breeds

11/20/2019  "The Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences has done a study into hereditary hip dysplasia in Maine Coon cats. They concluded that the size of the cat is a major contributing factor in cats developing hip dysplasia. They also said that selective breeding plays a part not just in terms of reducing the size of the cat but in breeding with an eye on individual cats who were less likely to suffer from hip dysplasia." - PoC

Cypress veterinarian debunks 6 myths about cats

11/19/2019  VIDEO: "If you are planning to adopt a new pet but you haven't considered a cat because of common misconceptions, you might be missing out. But Dr. Jennifer Hennessey, with Animal ER of Northwest Houston, shares her knowledge and debunks 6 feline myths to help us understand these fantastic and lovable creatures." - Click2Houston

Tips for Moving with Dogs and Cats

11/18/2019  "Yes, moving can be a complicated and stressful process. You have to deal with all the paperwork, find a new home, say goodbye to everybody you love and of course, finish all the moving-related tasks. But, what about your four-legged furry friends? Moving them from their home can evoke feelings of anxiety, fear, and confusion. Because of that, you must do everything in your power to make this transition a stress-free one. Luckily, there are many tips and tricks for moving with dogs and cats and a lot of useful advice on how to be a good owner to your pet." - The Frisky

Why Do Cats Have Slits And Pockets On Their Ears?

11/18/2019  "The anatomy of a feline is truly profound. Our senses often pale in comparison to theirs, and their incredible physique and special cat-specific anatomy has a lot to do with it. Anyone who has ever studied their cat’s ears knows that they have a little slit on the side of each ear, with a coordinating “pocket” to match. Have you ever wondered to yourself why it is that cats have slits and pockets on their ears? Well, we’re happy to tell you, just keep reading!" - Cole and Marmalade

Cat’s 1,200-mile trek ends in Santa Fe

11/18/2019  "Viktor Usov suspects that his black cat has spent the past five years on a great American adventure. “Yeah, like he had gone to see the redwoods and the Grand Canyon,” said Usov in a phone interview from his home in Portland, Oregon. So it only makes sense that Sasha would head to Santa Fe, a popular tourist destination, a part of which is the immersive arts installation “The House of Eternal Return” at Meow Wolf." - AlbuquerqueJournal

What’s Up With My Cat’s Saggy Belly? Hint: It’s Not What You Think!

11/18/2019  "Cats are downright adorable regardless of size, color, or shape. We simply love them no matter how they look! And just as humans do, cats can have little bellies that are noticeable. But for them, they don’t have a way to cover it like we do with a loose-fitting shirt! But unlike humans, cats will have saggy bellies for an entirely different reason than we do. For them, there’s actually a pretty interesting science behind it! So, if you’ve ever been curious about your cat’s saggy belly, we’re here to tell you the reason why it exists." - Cole and Marmalade

Confused Cats React Hilariously To Seeing Cat Filters On Their Hoomans

11/16/2019  "Ever since people have been living their ‘perfect life’ on social media sites like Instagram and Snapchat, the creators have been putting creative filters to help people post quirky pictures. From creative masks to adding colour and shapes, face swaps and even filters that make them look like animals, they have done it all. Looks like these cat and dog filters are among the most liked ones. But what interests me is how will a cat react when they meet cat filters? Well, looks like we’re about to find out." - StoryPick

How Long Is Too Long to Leave a Cat Alone?

11/16/2019  "Myths about domestic cats are as ubiquitous as funny cat videos. One of the most persistent of these myths is that cats are independent and really don’t need humans in their lives. Our cat may deign to spend some time with us, and might even curl up next to us in bed and purr in our ear. But ultimately, when it comes to human company, cats can take it or leave it." - Psychology Today

How can I interact with my cat?

11/15/2019  "There are two points to make about interacting with your cat, (1) who should initiate it and (2) what types of interactions are there? Let You Cat Call The Shots. The heading words are those of Jackson Galaxy in Total Cat Mojo. He refers to a study of over 6,000 interactions between domestic cats and humans in 158 homes. The clear conclusion was that when the cats initiated the interactions they lasted longer than when the humans began the interaction. So, as Jackson said if you want to maximise the amount of time you spend in close proximity with your cat doing something with her or him let them start it off." - PoC


The Big Debate: Are Cats or Dogs Cleverer?

11/16/2019  "Which are cleverer, cats or dogs? A 2017 study might have finally settled the debate once and for all.  By counting the number of neurons in already dead animals, the team may have finally put this question to bed. But, all might not be what it seems on the surface..." - Interesting Engineering

Why Everyone Should Own a Cat

11/16/2019  "In this world there are only two types of people: dog people, and cat people. Cat people are usually tolerant of dogs, and might even have dogs themselves, but dog people usually despise cats. It’s just a universal truth" - Oracle Online

Does My Cat Love Me? 12 Ways Your Cat Secretly Shows Affection

11/15/2019  "Some cats are more obvious about the appreciation they have for their owners than others. Here are some ways your cat is trying to tell you that they love you." - Reader's Digest


11/15/2019  "Last week I mentioned a new cat in the Drum family. There is more to the Drum family than just Marian and me, though, and the new cat is a brown tabby who decided to adopt my mother a few days ago. Mom named her Meowser because she meows a lot, which I suppose is fair turnabout since we kids named one of our first cats Meow because, you know, meow" - Mother Jones

Lessons on Anxiety From a Stray Cat

11/15/2019  "When a cat appeared on my windowsill, I tried to tame it in much the same way that I was attempting to control my anxious mind. I failed at both—but learned something about living with anxiety along the way." - Vice.com

Cat taxi charms riders in Ukraine

11/15/2019 VIDEO:  "A paw-sitive car journey is guaranteed to the passengers of an unusual taxi service in Ukraine. Oleksandr Zigulya is the cat taxi driver and he hopes his cat, Tea, will charm a loyal clientele.

Zigulya, 29, said he wanted clients to feel at home in his car, but knew that a few elements were missing. He said, "to achieve that warm, homey feeling, all that was missing was a blanket, a cat and a cup of tea." - WBALTV

YouTube Channel of a Man Feeding Stray Cats Keeps me Calm

11/15/2019  "Life is hard. Take a load off by watching a Japanese man feed stray cats. I discovered Niiyan1216, a series of videos where a Japanese man feeds stray cats, over a year ago. I was perusing the subreddit Deep Into YouTube, which is dedicated to finding rare, interesting videos. I’m a huge cat person, so of course I clicked on the thumbnail with a cat in it. It’s not exactly mind-blowing—the channel is just video after video of this man, who rarely, if ever, appears on camera—feeding a group of stray cats." - otaku

Woman's cat has bizarre reaction whenever she sings: 'Oh really, Helen?'

11/15/2019  "A singing woman named Liz, who says her cat, Helen, owns her — not the other way around — is going viral, but not for the reason you may think. Instead of wowing the internet with her incredible vocals, Liz has made a hobby out of capturing her cat's rather critical reactions to her singing voice. The pet owner has shared dozens of videos of herself on Instagram, belting out popular tunes, such as the Beach Boys' "Wouldn't It Be Nice?" and even "Smelly Cat" from the hit show Friends — all of which are not well-received by the tuxedo cat." -  AOL

Couple using coolers to reduce feral cat population

11/15/2019  VIDEO: "A couple in Sneads Ferry is doing their part to reduce the feral cat population, and they are asking for community members to help. Stacy and Justin Pettit are making homemade shelters for the cats and placing them around Sneads Ferry. The Pettits catch the feral cats and take them to the vet to spay, neuter and vaccinate them. The cats then recover in their home, before being released or adopted." -  WCTI12

14 Common “Facts” About Cats That Are Actually False

11/15/2019  "How many of these cat myths did you believe were true? Most cat lovers would do anything to defend their favorite pet, but cats can still be very misunderstood. We gathered some of the most common cat “facts” that are actually false to set the record straight. Also, make sure to read up on these true cat facts that are purr-featly fascinating." - Reader's Digest

Angora cat personality

11/15/2019  "The Angora cat is the Turkish Angora, just for the sake of clarity. Secondly, we should take cat breed personality with a pinch of salt. Perhaps this is being too cynical but we should be cautious in branding an entire group of cats with the same identical personality for the obvious reason that each cat is an individual with their own histories. Although selective breeding is likely to create some uniformity despite focusing on appearance." - PoC

Don’t doubt unconditional love of pets — here’s proof

11/15/2019  VIDEO: "If you need a hug, had a bad day or just are in the mood for a giggle, this video will help you achieve your goals. We attempted to translate what your pets are thinking and get to the bottom of the time-old mystery, "Do your pets really love you?"" - WBALTV11


Millions of Pet Owners Let Cats & Dogs She Their Bed, Poll Claims

11/14/2019  "Pet owners let their cats and dogs share their beds with them because it makes them feel safer, according to a new poll.  The survey of 2,000 found two thirds will sleep alongside their pet, with three in 10 of those liking the feeling of security they get from having them there. More than a quarter of those polled said lying next to their cat or dog helped them feel less alone and 37 per cent like the warmth from their pets’ bodies." - Independent

Cat is So Happy When Rescuer Stops to Help Her and Her Kittens Just in Time

11/14/2019  "Claire from Montreal, Canada was on her way to work two months ago, when she spotted a calico under a car. She wasn’t sure if the cat belonged to someone. But when she returned around noon, the cat was still there, standing alone on a corner. The little feline was very scared but didn’t run away when Claire tried to approach her, as if she wanted to be helped." - PetTraining

Kitten Meets Family Dog and Insists on Cuddling Her Everywhere She Goes

11/14/2019  "Kristin Loh, a volunteer of Cat Haven WA (in Western Australia), took in two rescued kittens that needed foster care. They were in rough shape and just half the size for their age. The bigger kitty Ciara survived while her brother Tommy sadly lost his fight. After the passing of her sibling, Ciara couldn’t bear a second of being alone and would cry nonstop until she found company." - PetTraimimg

18 Sneaky Cats in Sinks Who Prove They Own Every Inch of the House

11/14/2019  "Most cats love to think they’re so suave, but underneath their sleek bodies and steely glares are some of the silliest critters you’ll ever meet. Just ask anyone with a feline furbaby and they can tell you countless stories about their cutie's high jinks around the house. One of the most common yet strange habits cats adopt is hanging out in the bathroom sink." - FirstForWomen

Two cats fight over a steak while a third cat eats it

11/14/2019  VIDEO:  "While two cats engage in a tug-of-war for a cut of meat, an interloper helps itself. Given this situation and your knowledge of game theory, what should each cat do to get as much meat for itself as possible?" - BoingBoing

Some Personal Space, Please! – Catster

11/14/2019  "Cats. So cuddly and sweet, soft and furry, pleasant to touch and caress. Cats are at their cutest, it seems, when they are sleeping, whether they’re all curled up in a ball or lying happily on their backs enjoying a sun spot. Who could resist reaching down to give that exposed belly a rub or two? It’s right there, wide open, just asking for your hand to gently massage the furry softness of a squishy kitty tum-tum." - PetTraining

5 Animal Videos To Save Your Week: Nov 11

11/13/2019  "This week’s cute animal videos feature two golden retrievers doing very dumb things, some cats cuddling and looking unhappy, and a squirrel with an awesome hairstyle. Have a look!" - TheFreshToast

Cat Tails: Fun Facts And Photos Of Kitty Tails From Around The World

11/13/2019  "Whether they’re short, striped, fluffy, rumpy, or long and slinky, I am always mesmerized by cat tails. But “reports” say cats only have the ability to speak to us in meow code. So we must turn to the tail to figure out what it is that they’re trying to tell us. Body language is very important when it comes to decoding your cat’s mind. Along with ears, tails fall high on the list of cat body language we must attempt to decode." - Cole and Marmalade

His 22-Pound Cat Was Too Fat to Fly. So He Called In an Understudy

11/13/2019  "A man who tricked his way into getting his overweight cat into the passenger cabin of a plane has been penalized by a Russian airline. Aeroflot stripped the passenger, Mikhail Galin, of his air miles and removed him from their frequent-flier program after he bragged on social media about sneaking his hefty pet onboard by switching him for a lighter cat during check-in." - The New York Times

Utah man creates ‘Cat Coolers’ to help feral cats escape winter cold

11/12/2019  VIDEO:  "A Utah man’s passion project is gaining popularity, turning old coolers into warm, insulated spaces for feral cats to take refuge this winter. “Normally the cooler keeps things cold. We’re going to use it to keep animals warm,” Philip Rogich said with a smile. It’s a do-it-yourself project that only takes five minutes, a little elbow grease and a few cheap supplies." - Fox13Now

This Cat Has A Majestic Fluffy Tail Just Like A Squirrel

11/12/2019  "For most of us, autumn is the season of pumpkins, hot beverages, warm sweaters, and watching squirrels merrily playing in the leaves. So obviously when we heard that there’s a cat out there with a tail like a squirrel’s, we were overjoyed. Meet Bell, a truly majestic cat with a tail so fluffy you probably wish you could touch to see how soft it is. Bell’s owner keeps other pets as well, so she is always surrounded by furry friends, whether they’re feline or canine." - boredpanda

Airport therapy cat helping calm nervous travelers in Minnesota

11/12/20  VIDEO: "Flying can be especially stressful during the holidays, but a four-legged furball is helping put travelers at ease. Stitches is the new therapy cat at the Minneapolis-Saint Paul International Airport. She's an 11-year-old tabico, a mixture of tabby and calico. Stitches rides around in a stroller that has a sign that says "pet me."" - WABC-TV


The Battle of the Big Cats: Maine Coon vs. Norwegian Forest

11/12/2019  "We'll never resolve the "cat versus dog" debate, but when it comes to diversity, man's best friend is the clear winner. Domestic dogs are way more variable than their feline counterparts. On top of the vast differences in ear shape, snout length and limb proportions, our canine pals come in a huge range of sizes — the largest dog breeds are around 40 times bigger than the smallest ones." - HowStuffWorks

Gary’s Glimpses: It’s meow or never, a guide to the love of cats

11/12/2019  "The point that Vickie Fisher hoped to make at her Meadowlark Senior Center presentation on Oct. 23 was something all of us cat-lovers know: “Dogs drool; cats rule.” Scratch that —”CJ,” her Maine coon cat traveling companion, had drooled during the entire trip from Fisher’s Duke City home to Rio Rancho. Fisher was at least the second president to visit the city this fall: U.S. President Donald Trump had a campaign visit at Santa Ana Star Center, and now came Fisher, the president of The International Cat Association (TIKA), albeit hearing no cheers, chants or boos." - rrobserver

How We Domesticated Cats (Twice)

11/11/2019  VIDEO: "A 9,500 year old burial in Cyprus represents some of the oldest known evidence of human/cat companionships anywhere in the world. But when did this close relationship between humans and cats start? And how did humans help cats take over the world?" - Twisted Sifter

This Video of a Kitten Being Groomed With a Toothbrush Will Cause Your Heart to Explode, Probably

11/11/2019  "Barb, a foster kitten mom who runs Kittenland in Fort Wayne, IN, posts photos and videos of teeny kittens all the time, but this throwback video of her grooming a cat named Lionel with a toothbrush is hitting my feelings in all the right places. In the video, which was posted to Barb's Instagram, @kitten_faces, Lionel can be seen laying on his back, licking his tiny paw while Barb brushes his head and belly with a toothbrush — and Lionel looks completely blissed out by the entire experience, as he should be." - Popsugar

Meet Potato the googly-eyed cat...

11/11/2019  "A cat with huge bulging eyes has taken the internet by storm thanks to his unique appearance. Potato was adopted by his owner Ashley Norlien, 21, two years ago, and she couldn't help but snap and upload photographs of her new pet. However, as his social media presence started to climb, Ashley noticed that Potato, now five, from the U.S. was getting more and more mentions about his 'different' eyes." - Daily Mail

How do I know if my cat is cold?

11/10/2019  "A linked question would be ‘Why is my cat shivering?’. If your cat is genuinely suffering from low body temperature (hypothermia) the signs are violent shivering. This may be followed (unless the cat warms up) by lethargy and listlessness, collapse and coma. Although you probably can’t measure the cat’s temperature it will be below 97 degrees Fahrenheit." - PoC

Cats have one interest, activity and pastime: hunting, which is a weakness in the human environment

11/10/2019  "It is going to sound a bit weird to state this but it does affect the quality of life of the domestic cats. Let’s think about it. We, humans, have a range of interests and therefore a range of things that we can do. This is useful to us." "...a domestic cat has one interest, one desire and one activity: to hunt. He/she is programmed to do it. It is their raison d’être (their reason to exist), it is all they know and it is of course entirely instinctive." - PoC

The tiger next door: America’s backyard big cats

11/10/2019  "There are more tigers in American gardens than there are left in the wild. Alex Hannaford meets the owners who live cheek by jowl with their pets, and also those ensuring the big cats are treated without cruelty." "According to the US Fish & Wildlife Service, there are between 3,200 and 3,500 tigers remaining in the wild globally. By some estimates there are 5,000 in captivity in the US, though there might be more." - The Guardian

Édouard Manet loved cats and many of his letters have small sketches of cats

11/10/2012  "This is a little bit of cat trivia. Is not going to change the world but it is quite interesting nonetheless to people who like cats. Édouard Manet, a French modernist painter of the 19th century, was ‘a pivotal figure in the world of art in the transition from Realism to Impressionism’. Personally, I like his paintings although I am not convinced that he was the greatest of draughtsmen." - PoC

RG the Cat Guy has been studying

11/10/2019  "Sitting in the recliner, watching TV, warmed by the fireplace, I was pretty much having a moment of Zen ... until, that is, a wave of paranoia washed over me, and I realized that I was being watched. Not watched, exactly, more stared at ... considered, even ... but certainly studied — as though hidden cameras placed by the government or beings from another planet (sorry for the redundancy) were toying with their own personal lab rat." - Mail Tribune

20+ Things Cats Have That Other Animals Can’t Brag About

11/10/2019  "Even if you are not a cat person, you will still probably agree that cats are amazing creatures. They have a series of qualities and features that make them very different from all other animals on the planet. And we think that this is why these home predators are so incredibly popular all around the world." - Bright Side

Meet ‘Stitches’: MSP airport has a comfort cat now

11/9/2019  "If maneuvering through airports and catching connecting flights is a hair-raising experience for you, the Minneapolis-St.Paul International Airport has a new member whose job is purr-fect for calming stress. Meet Stitches, an 11-year-old Tabico cat – a mixture of calico and tabby – that will be on hand once a week offering free comfort therapy to those passing through Terminal 1." - TwinCities.com


Kind note from stranger restores cat owner's faith in humanity

11/9/2019  "A kind note from a stranger has restored one cat owner's faith in humanity. Stacey Waterman took to Facebook after she received the unexpected note and present on her doorstep. Stacey, from Winsford , wrote the post to thank the anonymous gift-giver. She explained that the kind stranger had taken time to warn her and her feline companion of their plans to set off fireworks in the area. The unknown Good Samaritan wrote in the note that they had family visiting this weekend, and expressed understanding that by letting off fireworks they may upset her cat." - CheshireLive

Retired from Parliament Hill, Spot the cat is still hanging on

11/9/2019  VIDEO: "Two of the last surviving cats from the dozens that once walked by themselves on Parliament Hill are living an indoor retirement on Ogilvie Road today. One of them isn’t doing so well." - OttawaCitizen

Should we interrupt our cat’s nightmares?

11/9/2019  "This morning, in the early hours, my cat started to dream while he was on my lap in bed. You can see from the video that he had a sort of nightmare or bad dream and his eyeballs were moving left to right so he was in the middle of REM sleep. He made a quiet squeal and his left hind leg jumps up. REM sleep is the rapid eye movement stage during which we are more likely to have dreams but less likely to recall them. I’ll presume this applies to cats too." - PoC

'Miracle' is the 3,000-to-1 kitten dubbed Britain's rarest rescue cat

11/9/2019  "So little kitten Miracle gave RSPCA staff a real ­surprise when he was handed in. The charity’s Penny Skates said: “When the cattery staff at our ­re-homing centre told me we had a male tortoiseshell I just presumed they had made a mistake. “I explained to them you just can’t get a male tortie." - Mirror

Things to Consider Before Getting a Cat

11/9/2019  "Do you long for a pet in your house? Do you want to cuddle on the couch with your furry friend, but you’re more of a cat person? When it comes to dogs, responsibilities are quite clear to most of the people, but in the case of cats, people tend to expect very different things – some appreciate their independence, others want to hug them all the time." - Times Square Chronicles

Cat Colors — The Fascinating Facts Behind Cat Coats & Patterns

11/9/2019  "Cat colors, patterns and fur length are a cat’s calling card. We include these characteristics when referring to specific types of felines. For example, we would call fictional cat Garfield a red tabby Exotic Shorthair. Note the color, pattern, breed and coat length in the name. The cat fancy — or the community of feline enthusiasts, cat show judges, breed registries, breeders and others who study and adore felines — gave us these designations to make it easier to identify cats." - PetTraining

What Exactly Is a Mackerel Tabby Cat?

11/9/2019  "Tabby cats (a.k.a. “tabbies”) possess a distinctive coat. It may seem like they are a breed unto themselves, but tabbies are not a breed. The term “tabby” refers to their striped fur pattern. Many tabby cats have the trademark “M” created by the stripes on the tabby’s forehead. Tabby kittens can get their fur patterns from either the sire or the dam, so the unique markings often emerge in the litters of cat fanciers’ breeding programs and those unplanned random cat romances." - PetTraining

Ever Wondered How We Domesticated Cats?

11/8/2019  "A recent video that was posted on YouTube by PBS Eons, may just be the answer many of us have always wondered about. It’s the question that has been asked each and every time someone cleans a litter box. As we scoop the poop, we often wonder just how have we domesticated cats? I mean clearly, as the video also says, “we let them poop in our house”. And we believe we domesticated them?!" - Cole and Marmalade

Why Do Cats Meow?

11/8/2019  "Most cats meow. Some are constantly talking to you, and others only get vocal when they want food or you accidentally step on their tail. But why do cats meow? Is it similar to dogs barking for our attention or because they see something outside? Or is it a secret cat language that humans still need to figure out? If your cat meows at you a lot, make sure you aren’t doing one of these" - Reader's Digest

Railroad Worker Nabs PETA Award for Saving Kitten Trapped in Train

11/7/2019  "A Compassionate Action Award is on its way from PETA to Chris Small, a train inspector for the Norfolk Southern Railway who rescued a kitten stuck in a train—against his boss’s orders. On October 30, Small was working his usual evening shift when he noticed a tiny kitten trapped in a tank car crevice—and even though his boss instructed him to leave her there, Small used a pair of tongs to pull her to safety" - PETA

My Foster Cats Are Cute, Cuddly, And, Apparently, Magical Healing Masters

11/7/2019  "Recently I'd fallen off an ottoman in our hallway while attempting to shut off the fire alarm, and as a result, my ribs were uncomfortable to the point of not being able to breathe much more than a shallow breath. Wanting to heal as quickly as possible, I confined myself to the bed, bored and a bit scared of how long this forced sabbatical would last." - Popsugar

Here's a 'Must Read' piece of creative writing about a Cat-Star who burst into this week's news

11/5/2019  The (Extremely True) Story of the Cat That Streaked the Field at MetLife Stadium A black cat ran onto the field at the Giants-Cowboys game on Monday night. Little did you know, that cat has been plotting that very moment for years. For those who missed the moment during last night’s Monday Night Football game, we saw a black cat streak across the field, riefly stopping the game in the second quarter. Here’s the cat’s (very true) story… Shelly Whiskers waited her whole life for that moment—" - Sports Illustrated


Maine coon cats make great therapy pets

11/8/2019  "Coopurr, Meagan and Elmo come on little cat feet, visiting a retirement community where no felines have walked  before. The three adult Maine coon cats, accompanied by four 6-week-old kittens, were making a therapy visit, bringing smiles to residents and staff at Friendship Village of South Hills." - Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

Cheetah gives birth to giant litter of seven adorable cubs

11/8/2019  "A cheetah has given birth to a giant litter of seven adorable cubs who have already escaped the clutches of a lioness. In the wild cheetahs usually give birth to three to five young, and they are vulnerable to predators from birth, so to see seven siblings together is very unusual. The bumper brood was spotted this week in the Maasai Mara by photographers Yaron Schmid and Amy Montminy." - Daily Mail

Pet owners detail their felines' most AWFUL behavior

11/8/2019  "Cat owners have decided to fight about who has the 'world's worst cat' in a hilarious exchange on Twitter.  The exchange started when Washington Post data reporter Christopher Ingraham revealed how his animal was the 'World's Worst Cat' for consistently waking the family up early. 'The World’s Worst Cat has discovered that he can wake the big people up by barging into the toddler’s room at 6 AM and waking *him* up,' the reporter detailed, sharing an image of his ginger tabby cat." - Daily Mail

Here's Why Your Cat is so Obsessed with Your Keyboard

11/7/2019  "Cats can be mysterious creatures. You call their name to jump on your lap and they respond by walking in the other direction. They meow for food only to wander off as soon as you put it in their bowl. They curl up next to you for a good pet, purring with every stroke, when suddenly they decide it's too much and run away. This may not describe all cats, but we can probably agree that feline behavior isn't always easy to understand. Especially when it comes to computers." - MSN

New Study Reveals Just How Dedicated Modern Day Cat Owners Are

11/7/2019  "If you’re reading this, chances are you are a totally dedicated cat owner. And why wouldn’t you be? Cats are totally amazing and so easy to love, spoil, and adore. We know that most of us have yet to achieve our dream career of being full-time stay-at-home cat moms and dads. So, off to work we go each day to give our cats the best life possible." - Cole and Marmalade

Cats seek warmth under the car hood; SPCA offers safety tips

11/7/2019  VIDEO: "Cats and kittens seek warmth on cold weather days under the hood near car engines. A recent SPCA rescue was nicknamed "engine" because he was found in a car. The Houston S.P.C.A. offers some tips to keep our furry friends safe." - Fox26Houston

Study Finds Liking Cats is a Sign of Very High Intelligence

11/6/2019  "A Wisconsin University is attempting to further tear apart the integrity of humanity with a new study about “cat people” and “dog people” and their differences and essentially who is better. Queue the “what color is the dress” argument circa 2015, or the chicken versus the egg question." - Rare

Cat Trees Are a Perch with a Purpose

11/6/2019  "...cat trees are vitally important for cats living in our homes. In their natural habitats, cats don’t just live on the ground. They are constantly climbing to hunt, spot prey and avoid danger. Purchasing a cat tree allows owners to increase what author and renowned cat behavior expert Pam Johnson-Bennett calls “vertical territory.” Being able to access vertical territory is important to a feline’s emotional well-being." - Pet Age

12 Most Affectionate Cat Breeds

11/5/2012  "Not all cats want their space. These cuddly felines are totally into you—and aren’t afraid to show their love." "Let’s be honest: Cats have a bit of a reputation. They often seem aloof, and we’re not even sure they like us half the time. They don’t greet us at the door when we come home, and they seem downright moody and uninterested in us—unless we’re opening a can of food. But not all cats are like that. (Really!) Some cats are shamelessly affectionate and rarely leave the side of their favorite human." - Reader's Digest

‘These are working cats’: Meet the feral felines tasked with hunting rodents

11/5/2019  "More than 270 former stray cats are enrolled in the Blue Collar Cats program run by the Humane Rescue Alliance in the greater Washington, D.C., area. The group created a way for feral cats unfit for adoption to be cared for but also help the areas where they prowl. In exchange for sustenance and shelter, they patrol alleyways, sidewalks, backyards and parks rife with rodents and other nuisances." - Ellwood City Ledger

These are the 20 most popular cat names*

1/5/2019  "Unfortunately, neither Cindy Clawford nor Pawdry Hepburn made the list, even if we they're our favorites. Traditional names for both dogs and cats seem to have fallen out of favor with pet owners in recent years, as the fashionable names for animals have started to overlap with popular names for babies." - considerable

* Checkout another 336 Cat Names on The CFI Fun Stuff page here.

8 Facts About Persian Cats, Kings of the Lap-Nappers

11/5/2019  "Easily recognizable for their long, luxurious coats and big, expressive eyes, Persians are one of the most popular cat breeds in the world. According to the Cat Fanciers' Association (CFA), the world's largest registry of pedigreed cats, Persians were the fourth most-registered breed in 2018. Here are eight purr-fectly fun facts about these friendly felines." - HowStuffWorks


Stella & Chewy's Pledges To Cover Adoption Fees For Senior Pets Rescued From U.S. Shelters...

11/4/2019  "...Throughout Month of November." "According to the ASPCA, approximately 3.2 million shelter animals are adopted each year. An overwhelming majority of those animals are under the age of one year old – leaving a staggering number of senior pets longing for the comfort and warmth of a forever home. That's why premium pet food brand Stella & Chewy's today announced the company's pledge to cover the cost of adoption fees* for senior pets rescued from any shelter in the U.S. during the month of November..." - Cision

The Feline Code: A Guide to Understanding Your Cat's Secret Language

11/4/2019  "If you’re lucky enough to own a cat, you’ll be more than aware that they come with a mind and language of their own. Sometimes it feels like your mutual understanding is world’s apart: maybe they look at you in ways you can’t decipher, or they suddenly make a swipe at you – making you upsettingly wonder whether you ever knew the feline at all." - Society19

World's rarest cat caught on camera 'playing like a kitten' in Russian wilderness

11/3/2019  "A camera has captured one of the world's rarest cats 'playing like a kitten' on a hillside in the Russian Far East.

The wild Amur leopard was filmed by a camera trap in Land of the Leopard National Park in Primorsky Krai in rare footage released on Friday. According to the press service of the National park, "despite his old age, the male leopard showed excellent health and a playful Friday mood. In front of the camera, the predator played like a domestic kitten." - Mirror

This Video Of A Cat Sitting Like A Human Will Make Your Day

11/2/2019  "Sharing your life with animals brings delights you never could have seen coming, even if you’ve lived with pets your entire life, because animals are really, really good at surprising us just when we think we have them all figured out. For example: Though this little calico has lived with me for years now, she still surprised me one recent evening when she decided to sit on the stairs with her paws neatly placed on the step above her in a way that reminded me of countless school portraits we all sat for as kids." - Simplemost

Family hails pet’s return as cat found more than four months after going missing

11/2/2019  "The Oudneys were in for an emotional reunion after Baxter was found earlier this week. Mum Denise said it was an end to months of upset for the family, which includes her three teenage daughters, after the eight-year-old moggy went missing in June. She explained: “We moved from the Moncreiffe area to the new Bellway homes off the Glasgow Road, Perth, in June. “One day, we let Baxter and his sister out. She went one way and he went the other, she returned and he didn’t. " - Evening Telegraph

Let’s count the ways your cat shows you love

11/2/2019  "Surely there are skeptics out there. Many people don’t feel like cats give any indication that they even like their humans, let alone love them. There’s no doubt cats can be aloof. And to add insult to injury, they employ the same facial expressions for most of their emotions. But have no fear cat lovers; as cats express love for their owners in many ways." - Daily Nonpareil

Do cats have baby teeth?

11/2/2019  "A newborn kitten normally has no teeth but yes, cats have baby teeth which begin to erupt when kittens are about 21 days old. They are fully in place by 5-6 weeks of age. The 30 permanent teeth erupt when kittens are 4 months of age. They are complete at around 7 months of age." - PoC

Takashi Murakami, Japan's rock star artist, unveils 10-metre 'stupid cat painting'

11/1/2019  "Made of 502 skilscreens, the new work is the largest piece to ever enter the Art Gallery of NSW's international collection." "Takashi Murakami – rock-star artist, celebrity enthusiast, social media king, ComplexCon hero and the man who coined the Superflat movement - is tired of making art." - The Guardian

LETTER: A little perspective on cats and their songbird prey

11/1/2019  "A recent venter was decrying the loss of songbirds to outdoor house cats, and I thought a little perspective might help us all understand nature a little better." "I own two cats, one of whom does not limit herself to merely songbirds. She does her best to provide us with fresh meat nearly every day. We either have that or field mice skittering around in the house. Of the choices, I prefer the cats’ catching the vermin outside." - Charleston Gazette-Mail

Cat Show celebrates 81 meow-morable years

11/1/2019  "It was 81 years ago that more than a hundred cats and kittens and their proud owners gathered at the Atlantan Hotel for the first-ever Cotton States Cat Club Show.  A lot has changed since 1938, but this “feline festival” lives on, drawing some of the most beautiful and unique cats in the United States right here to Metro Atlanta." - Fox5Atlanta

Family-Compatible Cat Breeds

11/1/2019  "With the wide variety of cats, choosing one suitable for children may be challenging. Nevertheless, certain breeds have been cultivated for their particular traits, making some especially fitting for families. " - Patch

10 Furry Facts About Norwegian Forest Cats

2/6/2017  "Norwegian Forest cats are known for their fluffy coats, large builds, and social dispositions. Here are a few other furry facts about the Scandinavian feline." - Mental Floss


Tea, Tarot and Cats

11/3/2019  "Indigo Sky Holohan Kantor hands Maggie Kent a stack of tarot cards and tells her to shuffle the deck until it “feels right.” Kent hands the deck back to Kantor, who lays the top 10 cards out in 3-by-3 rows face-down, with the final card resting on top of the center card. Kantor flips the cards face-up and begins her reading." - IthacaWeek

Mayhew warns of feline 'High-rise syndrome' after kitten survives 30ft fall

10/31/2019  "Four month old Leo landed badly after falling from a second floor window fracturing the roof of his mouth. He suffered a bloody nose and sore leg and was unable to move until he was discovered by a Mayhew volunteer who was on their home. The student called a colleague to come out and help and they took Leo back to the charity in Trenmar Gardens." - Brent & Kilburn Times

8 Fascinating Facts About Black Cats, Because They're Not Spooky At All

10/31/2019  "As anyone who’s ever seen Sabrina The Teenage Witch knows, black cats and sorcery go hand-in-hand, which makes these inky creatures the perfect (unofficial) Halloween mascot. Nothing gets a spooky celebration going on Oct 31 like wowing your friends with fascinating facts about black cats, and this year you’ll be the life of the party." - Romper

Cat instantly regrets sniffing owner’s feet

10/31/2019  "Rose the cat was caught sniffing her owner Hannah’s feet, before looking as though she seriously regretted it with an experession of shock and disgust. Hannah recorded the video at her home in Gorton, Manchester. She said: ‘In the video, Rose gets a little too comfortable smelling my feet and obviously she had quite a reaction to the smell” - METRO

Night vision specialists: cats, bats, and owls

10/31/2019  "Have you ever stumbled around a dark house, straining to see what’s in front of you? Or maybe you’ve camped out in a dark forest, where nighttime navigation without a flashlight was impossible? Our human visual systems are not as well adapted to low light conditions as those of some other species including cats, bats, and owls." - EarthSky

12 Regal Facts About Siamese Cats

10/31/2019  "Beautiful, affable and smart as a whip, a Siamese cat has it all. More than a few artists have been wooed by their charms, which have earned these graceful animals a place in temples and palaces all over the world (even the White House played host to one). Here's everything you should know about the companionable critters." - howstuffworks

Rescue cat returns the favor, alerts sleeping owner to apartment fire

10/30/2019  "About five years ago, Danielle Schafer rescued a kitten off the side of the road. The kitten was just weeks old, the final, tiny litter-mate remaining in Schafer’s tender grasp after its feral siblings scurried away into roadside brush. Last week, Kitty – as the gray, domestic short-haired cat female cat is affectionately known – rescued Schafer in return..." - USAToday

Remembering Luna the Falconridge Farm cat, 1994-2019

10/30/2019  "For over a quarter of a century, a 6-pound fluffy calico cat named Luna has graced Falconridge Farm in the Highland Park area of West Seattle.  She was the greeter, the guardian, a rider of horses, and put the rodents on notice. She was one of a litter of kittens abandoned in South Park and brought to Falconridge as a young kitten, arriving mid-April 1994 on the full moon. Luna became a celebrity and was a feature on the International Discovery Channel, appeared in the Seattle Times, the West Seattle Blog, and KING-TV." West Seattle Blog

Orlando playwright and entrepreneur becomes a 'purr-fessional cat wrangler' with new Kitty cat café

10/30/2019  "The opportunity to sip authentic New York-style egg creams – made with Winter Park Seltzer and real Fox's U-Bet chocolate syrup – while surrounded by a dozen hopeful adoptees from the Pet Alliance would have been enough to pique my curiosity. But this cuddle-filled coffee shop clawed its way into my Live Active Cultures column because café co-owner David Strauss has already lived nine lives... - Orlando Weekly

Money-Saving Tips For Pet Parents On A Budget

10/30/2019  "Pet parents only want the best for their furbabies. But the cost of owning a pet - from pet food to routine checkups to boarding –  can add up quickly. According to a recent study by Rover, the average cost of dog ownership is $163 a month. So, if your dog lives to be 13, you’re looking at a total of $25,428. As for feline friends, the ASPCA estimates that the average cost of owning a cat over its lifetime to be anywhere from $7,646 – $12,500." - Quicken Loans

Microchipped cat leads Raytown animal rescue right back to owners who dumped him there

10/28/2019  "A Raytown animal rescue says a cat was dumped at the facility by its owner. What the owner may not realize is the cat's microchip led them right back to the owner. The incident plays back on Midwest Animal Resq's security cameras. On Saturday, a couple brought a cat they said they found to the rescue then they leave it in their parking lot." -  Fox4KC.com

Wayward cat wins Nationwide award for most unusual pet insurance claim

10/20/2019  "Minnow the cat, who returned to her Georgia home after three weeks in the wild, was diagnosed with starvation, dehydration and a broken rib. She’s now doing swimmingly, and is now the proud recipient of the Hambone Award from insurer Nationwide." - dispatch.com


Furry Friday: Cats to make your world better

11/1/2019  "Here are some words of wisdom I heard recently - a rule for life: "Pet a cat when you encounter one on the street." Why is that so wise? Because life can be tough, and when you look ahead too far it can seem impossible to manage. So the answer is to shorten that time horizon, shrink it down - don't look ahead too far. What's in this moment, the one right now, that you can value and take joy in?" - stuff

National Geographic Live: On the Trail of Big Cats

10/31/2019  "UPCOMING CHICAGO EVENT: From trekking India’s Himalayas in search of rare snow leopards and tracking the elusive jaguar through Latin American jungles to pursuing the American cougar throughout Hollywood Hills, award-winning National Geographic photographer Steve Winter has ventured far and wide to come face-to-face with his subjects. This is no easy task – many of these species are endangered." - ChicagoParent

13 Cats rescued from devastating Bahamas hurricane now in Seattle

10/31/2019  "More than a dozen cats and kittens are now calling Seattle home after they've been evacuated from animal shelters in the Bahamas. The Caribbean island chain is still reeling from the devastating effects of Hurricane Dorian that struck last month. It was the strongest hurricane on record ever to strike the islands." - komonews

Photos: The Cats of Southeastern North Carolina

10/29/2019  "Happy National Cat Day! This day -- and every day -- we celebrate our area kitties. Check out these feline photos from the Wilmington area." - StarNewsOnline

The British Shorthair Is a Round-faced 'Teddy Bear Cat'

10/29/2019  "Dale Midkiff was the leading man in the original "Pet Semetary," but for many viewer, Church the undead housecoat stole the movie. To bring the four-legged character to life, director Mary Lambert enlisted over half a dozen British shorthair cats. Reportedly, she chose this breed because — to her eye — the poofy, round-faced felines looked like sentient plush toys." - howstuffworks

Exotic Pet Expert Thomas Harford Columbia Shares His Advice About Owning Serval Cats

10/29/2019  "Serval cats are some of the most beloved exotic pets in the areas of the United States where they are legal to keep at home. Serval cats live for up to 25 years and usually weigh between 20 and 40 pounds when they are full-grown. These beautiful African cats have long legs, gorgeous golden coats, a playful and mischievous nature, and the ability to bond deeply with their owners for life." - Yahoo Finance

This Adorable Cat Defending His Fish Friend From His Hungry Brother Is Too Freaking Funny

10/29/2019  "Some cats are more than eager for lunch when they hear yoy crack open a can of tuna, but this kitty is all about protecting his aquatic friends, and the look on his friend's face is way too hilarious. In a video shared to Reddit, we can see a calico cat (who I've deemed Mr. Fluffy Face) looking over a bowl of goldfish next to a thundery gray cat — probably his brother — who's practically licking his lips at the sight of the fish." - PopSugar

Cat videos are good for your health, so watch our top 5 Instagram picks

10/29/2019  "In a social media landscape littered with terrible news, cat videos are furry, prissy, beacons of hope. You can eye-roll all you want, but watching cat videos is good for your health and they could make you kinder. How so, you ask? Humans are wired to have a compassionate emotional response to cuteness; when we see something cute (e.g.: huge glossy eyes, round face), the emotional pleasure center of our brain mmediately lights up." Mic.com

Airbnb is letting people book trips with Instagram-famous pets like Pickles the Pig, Nala Cat

10/28/2019  "With 4.2 million followers, Nala is described as one of the most Instagram-famous cats, and now, Airbnb guests can meet her along with other online animal sensations. The Animal Experiences option includes over 1,000 trips with more than 300 species. People hosting these experiences have to comply with Airbnb's animal welfare policy, head of Animal Experiences Mikel Freemon told Business Insider." -  Business Insider

Catch a glimpse into a cat’s eye, you might be surprised

10/26/2019  "It’s official, the eyes have it. Isn’t that what people say catches their attention the first time they meet someone? Whether it’s a passing glance, during dinner on a first date, after 50 years of marriage, or even the deep gazes from our pets that can take our breath away. We all know dogs, for the most part, often look adoringly at their owner. Cats, maybe not so much." - Daily Nonpareil

American cat owners devote 20 hours a week to be with their beloved felines

10/25/2019   "From taking and sharing photos to cuddling their pets, cat owners spend 1,016 hours a year with their feline, according to new research. The survey of 1,000 cat owners examined just how much these furry ones mean to their owners and found the average respondent has two cats in their home." - New York Post

Johnny Cash resented retail cat food purchase in 1955

10/24/2019  "A lyric in the Johnny Cash song “Mean-Eyed Cat” captures a moment of change in Americans’ attitudes toward pet food and reflects current global cat food trends. In the song, Cash lamented that he gave his significant other money for groceries. However, she bought a hat and “some store-bought cat food,” which led to an argument and several more verses. What struck me is that Cash would think to mention that the cat food was store-bought. Seventy years ago, commercial cat food was still something of a novelty and a luxury." - PetFoodIndustry.com

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