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About Doug Hines

Who am I? (I've been asking myself that question for years.) I'm not a 'Pet Specialist' or a Doctor of Pet Nutrition, or any such thing. An old friend once said, I'm "a guy in a diner who (thinks he) knows a little about everything." Truth is, I just wanted to find the best diet that I could afford for my cats Bubby, Mindy and Brady, and I began researching more seriously than most people might do.

Based on that research, I began collecting information in a database wherein I rate products based on ingredients and nutritional guaranteed analysis. So far, I've reviewed over 1,250 cans of cat food! I guess I'm a self-made cat food aficionado.

I also consider myself to be special. You've heard of a 'Horse Whisperer'? Well, I'm a 'Cat Shouter'! "GET OFF OF THAT KITCHEN COUNTER JACK. IF I HAVE TO TELL YOU ONE MORE TIME..." (Just a little humor here folks. I would never yell at my cats. LOL)

(I have a friend who wants to name her next cat "NO."  Here it comes... "NO get out of those flowers!" "NO Stop running around and let me sleep!.) LOL

If you launch a cat food ingredients research project of your own, that would be terrific. Heightened cat food ingredients awareness would make me a happy person indeed, and who knows, together we may somehow make a difference in influencing cat food manufactures to produce better products!

By the way, you must be some, special cat lover, if you can get through this website without either passing out of boredom or going to sleep. If you do succeed in reading this entire site there's a surprise awaiting you toward the end (pics of Doug's cats!). Now don't just page there and skip all of the important information on this website!

Think of it this way... The more you learn here, the more you will positively benefit your cat's life.

Finally, I want to attribute credit for much of my education to Susan Thixton, Pet Food Safety Advocate and writer for the informative website TRUTHaboutpetfood.com. With her permission and with direct links to her work, I cite Ms. Thixton's articles multiple times on this site.

To those of you who think I am not qualified to write about this subject...

I had written someone requesting their permission to use their YouTube video on my website. (Keep in mind that the vid is already in the public domain on YouTube.) 

I received a message denying my request.

The person wrote, "Anyone can post their opinions online, but as you are not a Veterinarian, Scientist or Credentialed Expert on this subject, we choose not to participate in any way on your website or any of your postings."

Here is my reply:

Your criticism, while perhaps valid, also has a vile, condescending tone to it oh-so-typical of a deeply engrained elitist. It doesn't take three letters behind one's name to be able to read a cat food ingredients label and make a determination when a product contains elements detrimental to a cat's well-being.

Similarly, one doesn't have to be 'credentialed' to have empathy and compassion for cats and to try to make a difference in their lives. We all should be doing everything we can to encourage cat food manufacturers to produce better, more healthful cat food.

What is most sad is that you rebuke, chastise and ostracize me, instead of coaching me to produce a better website, one which would serve us all better - humans and felines alike.

That's such a tragic, lost opportunity to positively impact thousands of people and cats. Don't just throw a hand grenade and then run off. You should be ashamed of yourself.

- Doug Hines, CatFoodIngredients.com

[ Interesting that 20 other authors have given me permission to quote their material on this website.]

So as not to end this page on such a sour note... I sincerely hope that the person above rethinks his or her position and recontacts me with the intention of improving my website. I'm sure that, together, we can have a positive impact, both on the cat food industry, and on the lives of cats everywhere.

I also welcome and encourage suggestions from any and all of you cat lovers out there. Use the Contact Form below to reach me.  - Doug Hines

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