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Cats - What a Wonderful Part of Our Universe

Whether or not you believe in a 'higher power', you have to acknowledge that cats are unique, special gifts in our lives.

Welcome to Cat Food Ingredients .com !!!

Where you will finally hear some TRUTH about canned, wet cat food, and you'll learn a lot of other cat-things along the way too!


You Can't Tell the Quality of a Cat Food by Looking at the Ingredients List Alone...

... BUT IT'S THE PLACE TO START.  The old saying 'You can't judge a book by it's cover' isn't exactly true in the context of judging cat foods. In this case, you CAN quickly come to a pretty decisive opinion about a food's quality by simply reading the ingredients list. Once you know what to look for, bad ingredients jump right out and grab your attention. But that's not the entire story.

Quality, a vague term at best, is nonetheless what we want for our cats when choosing cat food. After all... we all want our cats to have a healthy future. A lot of aspects of cat food production, however, ultimately affect the food's quality. 

The original source of the ingredients themselves impacts quality greatly, as does the product's formulation, ingredients collection, production method and quality control, and storage considerations.

In this website I concentrate greatly on the ingredients list. You can tell a lot about quality by simply reading the label to ascertain the basic choices made by the cat food manufacturer.  - Doug Hines

Why be concerned about what's in cat food?

Because, ultimately, we are responsible for the well-being of animals. Not just companion animals, but all animals. We must have empathy and compassion for them as they are almost totally dependent on us for their care, protection, and good health. Part of that responsibility is providing the best possible food for them, as we want the same for ourselves.

In this website you are likely to hear a lot of pet food manufacturer bashing - as a natural consequence of the industry’s overall poor integrity. However, it is also true that some of these people have the upmost integrity and provide us with the valuable service of producing cat food. We would be at a loss without them, and we genuinlely owe them our thanks. Let’s not forget that fact as we read onward in this website.

If you are a cat food manufacturer please hear my message. A cat's well-being must be the first and only priority in choosing ingredients for cat food. Considerations of product shelf-life and profits must take a back seat to our responsibility for ensuring their good health. Have the courage to adjust your business model to make good health the number one priority. Create a future worth living.

Why Quality Cat Food?

There's one thing I know for sure... Cats are like most people. They like junk food more than they like good, quality food. That's where we have to step in as insistent, responsible pet owners and say, "Shut up and eat the food I give you Jack!"  lol

The only problem with the "insistent" philosophy as written above is that it doesn't work. No matter how much I have begged or cajoled, my cats just turn up their nose at "good" food. Unfortunately, you just may have to settle for less-than-best in your pursuit of the ultimate cat food.

In this website you can learn how to evaluate cat food brands

The purpose of the site is to directly affect cat’s lives everywhere by heightening the awareness of cat-parents/guardians/caretakers regarding the quality of ingredients in canned cat food, and to hopefully influence cat food manufacturers to produce better products. (By canned, I include pouched or boxed or little-plastic-dish or plastic tray cat food.) After all... it is our marketplace choices which ultimately drive and encourage cat food manufacturers to produce better, more healthy cat food. That's something we all want for our cats.

Please understand that I'm not here to advocate for raw, vacuum-packed diets or home-cooked meals over canned cat food. Right now I'm simply closely examining the ingredients in canned cat food. As to dry cat food, I'll have more to say about that later. I also don't speak about dehydrated or freeze-dried "foods". Those cat food categories may come to this website in the future.

In this website I offer you insight as to how I go about assessing cat food ingredients so that you may follow with a more in-depth study of your own.

You won't find any  product endorsements or advertising on this website either. I don't sell or promote anything. I have no attachments to the cat food industry whatsoever. I do, however, have an attachment to cats.

In this website I speak of creating a database (see Database Screenshot page) wherein I rate cat food products and assign letter grades to each one. One might expect to find a long list on this site where I shine a bright light upon both products and individual cat food manufacturers. That would be a valid expectation except for one thing... I value my life.

I sincerely believe that, with all of their combined billions of dollars, cat food manufacturers would not be above snuffing the life out of a little guy like myself if I rated their products negatively. I can imagine being snatched off the street one night, and winding up packed in a can of cat food by the next morning.

The point of this website is not to give you a quick-fix answer to your cat food questions. The point is to broaden your overall education regarding cat food ingredients. Both you and your cat(s) will benefit from anything you learn here.

Use the facts and figures in this website to judge for yourself the overall state of the cat food industry today. (Hint: It's not a pretty picture, but then again, the overall state of the human food industry isn't exactly full of integrity either, so what would you expect?)

Other Fine, Cat-Educational Websites

Although I don't always agree with their cat food reviews and/or ratings, there are other websites sites which publish valuable information about this subject. Beginning with the two already mentioned above:


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